Environmental Impact of Paper Production

Air pollution – Industrial manufacture of paper is releasing tremendous quantities of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide (both responsible for appearance of acid rains) and carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) into Earth’s atmosphere.

Chlorine and chlorine-based materials – Used as bleaching agents, when released in nature they represents one of the most toxic and pollutant materials in the existence. Ever since 1990 their use is heavily regulated, and reduced.

Deforestation – Dramatic increase of paper production in the last 50 years has caused mass deforestation, and formation of new laws prohibiting mass destruction of large forests.

Non-renewable resources – Paper production requires use of several non-renewable resources whose exploitation is permanently removing them from Earth ecosystem, most notably calcium carbonate and clay.

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Sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide – Sulfur based products are causing much problems to our environment, being responsible for appearance of toxic ranis and highly toxic and carcinogens Dioxins that can seriously endanger human and animal health, hormonal systems and reproduction.

Waste – Around 40% of all waste in United States is attributed to Paper. Slow natural decomposition of paper does not leave only natural elements behind it, but also very hazardous inks, acids, dyes and polymers that can even become carcinogenic if incinerated or mixed with ground water.

Water pollution – Industrial paper facilities are producing waste products that can cause havoc in they are released in natural water. Emission of materials such as solids, nutrients and dissolved organic matter, alcohols, chelating agents and others is regulated by governments of many countries.

Wood pulping process – Majority of wood pulping process caused binding of dangerous material directly to paper structure, but some are discarded into nature, causing environmental damage, especially if they reach waterways (which need to be close to the paper mill, because they require a lot of water). Most dangerous pollutants are HIGHLY toxic dioxins.

Paper Origami Flowers
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Crumpled Paper
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