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Paper Collage Art

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Facts about Paper

With more than 2000 years in our presence, paper made from wood fibers and other paper-like products have managed to have significant impact on our history, culture and traditions. And here you can learn more about those interesting facts about paper.

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Environmental Impact of Paper

Environmental impact of paper is a concert that is today on the mind of many governments, environmental agencies, ordinary people and even paper industry itself. Read here how much impact paper production and waste paper has on our environment.

Paper Applications

Paper is a very versatile material that has since its introduction in ancient china more than 2 thousand years ago managed to find its way into many products. Here you can see detailed breakdown of many paper applications that are in use all around you.

Types of Paper

Paper can separated in several categorized, all focused on the specific feature of the paper or the way it is used. Here you can learn more about each of those categories and specific paper that are placed in them.